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Retreat's testimonials


"Definitely what we loved the most of our experience in Santuario Avalon, was the retreat we took with Kalki and Cristina. We had 3 days of deepening into our life purpose. The attention, knowledge, commitment and engagement placed by Kalki and Cristina were truly extraordinary. Because of this, my wife and I are organizing already a family encounter so that we can also share this experience with our kids.

That says it all… "

Juan Marcos, Monterrey.


I arrived into this space with lots of mental chaos, emotional runout and a deep intention of connecting deeper with my being. From the momento I entered the space I felt like I was in the garden of eden, surrounded with such beautiful nature, harmonic spaces and cozy installations. All of this enhanced my experience to open my heart to the teachings, yoga and meditation practices that Cris and Kalki offered us, as well as their warmth and good disposition, I recommend a lot to live this experience.

Galia Staropolsky


"Kalki and Cristina are intentional about their healing practices and helped me heal immensely and guided me through a process of rebirth after a traumatic experience I had a few weeks before. Would strongly recommend this space to family friends and strangers looking for a holistic getaway with thoughtful hosts."

Glo, MEX

"My heart overflows with gratitude and humbled thanks for the generosity and gifts of Kalki and Cristina. The healing medicine embodied and so profoundly shared is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in human form. My heart found a safe place to land and open at Avalon. The deep presence and space held here for healing is truly a sanctuary in every sense. Words can only attempt to express my eternal and soul thanks for such angels."

Misha Mckinney, San Fco

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