40 DAY

40 day Silent Hridaya Meditation Journey

Aug 7 to Sept 15, 2020
This two part retreat begins in a group setting with a guided 10 day silent meditation and yoga retreat at the Hridaya Yoga Center and continues for another 30 days as a solitary retreat at The Santosha Refuge..

This is a beautiful opportunity to take a tapas and delve deeper into your personal practice without distraction or interruption for 40 days.


A journey for disciplined, experienced practitioners of meditation that can lead to the awakening of the spiritual heart and the rising of consciousness. You will be supported but fellow yogis who will guide morning meditations,  prepare and serve the meals and be there to hold space and facilitate silence and your practice.


Please note : One dark chamber is available for an experienced yogi who wants to complete the 30 day retreat in the dark.

- Private or shared accommodation
- Meals
- 5 day dark meditation experience
- Guided morning meditation
- Access to pool and communal kitchen.

Pre-booking interview is required.
Maximum participants: 8 
Orientation: morning of August 7, 2020


Cabana 1 person : 30,000$mxn
Shared Cabana 2 persons: 35,000$mxn
Studio 1 person: 25,000$mxn
* 50% deposit required to hold your place and chosen accommodation.

Remaining 50% paid in cash on morning of orientation.

Contact us for an interview.

A little while
alone in your room
will prove
more valuable
than anything else
that could ever
be given you.
-Rumi -
custom Personal RETREATs
7 to 21 days

Whether you need to get away from it all and re-evaluate your life choices, move beyond a past relationship or job or simply take a peaceful break from the pace of the urban life we offer an environment conducive to tranquility, rest and reflection and joyful surrender.

Combine elements of any of our retreats (Detox & Rejuvenation, Silent Meditation, Tantra...) or have one designed just for you we are here to guide you on your chosen journey.

Contact us for an interview so we can best evaluate your needs.