Dark Meditation

Meditation in the dark is part of the ancient Ayurvedic and Tantric traditions of India and Tibet, it is an approach to spiritual development and self-realization in which the guru or teacher is darkness itself. Practiced in a space completely devoid of light facilitates pratyahara, the withdrawal of the senses and can allow for one's inner clarity or vision to awaken. Meditating in the dark for sustained periods has also been known to bring about inner transformation, healing, and can even induce  profound shifts of consciousness.

A dark meditation retreat can be a very intense experience; one that can be amazing, uplifting and ecstatic in nature but one that can also reveal hidden memories, unresolved emotional states or inner fears. Prior preparation is suggested; a vegetarian diet, daily spiritual practice and setting a clear intention can all help to make your journey a fruitful and memorable one.

The Chambers
The Santosha Refuge offers three temperature controlled and well ventilated dark meditation chambers. Specifically designed for this purpose, its insulated windows and door, curved walls and minimal furniture (single bed and bedding, a stool and eating counter with attached food box provide a comfortable, safe, uncluttered and quiet space for insightful and sustained practice. There is a bathroom with sink, toilet and shower as well as a practice area with yoga mat and meditation cushion. Drinking water is provided and available in the space itself.  An emergency light  switch next to the door which activates an exterior light lets us know that you need to communicate with us if need be.

Services & Requirements
- The Santosha Refuge offers solitary dark retreats of 10 to 49 days.
- Due to the present health situation and to keep all residents safe international travelers can only book a retreat of 10 nights, or longer, the State of Oaxaca official recommendation for travelers is 10 days of self-isolation,, though we suggest 14 days. as required by Canada, the USA and Europe.

- All participants must have an ongoing meditation or yoga practice.

- Phones, laptops, tablets or other electronic devices are forbidden inside the chamber. They will be stored in our safe during your retreat.

- A preliminary interview, either in-person or video chat is required before a booking can be confirmed.

- There will be a brief orientation on the day of your arrival so that you can become familiar with the space, the rules and have any final logistical  questions answered before you begin your solitary journey. A post retreat debriefing will take place before you leave.

- Guidance can be provided during the retreat through vocal or written communication.

- To better assimilate the experiences that unfold in a darkness retreat with awareness, detachment and lucidity the use of hallucinogenic or conscious altering substances are neither recommend nor permitted.

- If you take medication or have a prior medical condition, be it physical, mental or otherwise that might adversely affect your dark retreat experience. It is your responsibility to advise us prior to booking so we can best guide you.
- You will be required to sign a personal responsibility waiver.

- You can end your dark retreat at anytime by opening the doors.

What to Bring
Light clothes, a shawl or light blanket, personal toiletries, socks or flip flops, water bottle, dried food stuffs (nuts, dates, etc...) in a sealed plastic container. ( glass is not permitted in the space )

Vegetarian meals prepared by local vegetarian/vegan restaurants available at extra cost.; 120 - 150mxn / meal
A juice or coconut water fast can be available at extra cost.

Orientation: and Check-in : Afternoon           Check-out and debrief : Dawn orr Dusk

Minimum stay 10 nights ': 1,000mxn per day - meals NOT included **
For experienced practitioners longer stays of 21 to 60 days can be arranged at a discounted price.

Payment Policy
50% of  entire stay required to confirm your booking (non-refundable)
Payments accepted in cash (mxn pesos) or via PayPal (add 6%)
The remaining 50% in cash only on day of arrival

How to Book
Email us or text us via WhatsApp 52 1 777 790 2120 only when you have the following information:
1.  When you plan on starting your dark retreat, how many nights you plan to stay ?
2. What is your food plan:,
   Are you are making meal arrangements on your own with a friend or with a local restaurant?
   OR are you fasting or, bringing you own dried food stuffs (nuts, dates etc..)? 
   OR do want us to organize meals for you. via the vegan restaurant - Luz del Sol? 

3. How do you plan on making your payment?
    Our wallet address will be sent to you.
    If you are booking from outside the Mazunte area and can not make your deposit in person then we will 
    send you our PayPal  info or our Bank transfer details. You can also pay directly to our account at OXXO

    Once we receive your 50% deposit your retreat dates will be entered into our calendar and confirmed.
    The remainder of your fee must be paid on or before the beginning of your retreat..


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