the healing medicine embodied and so profoundly
shared is unlike anything i've ever
experienced in human form.
Misha - USA

The Santosha Refuge, is unique in the Mazunte area as it is a Residential Retreat and Darkroom Meditation Center for Conscious Living and Mindfulness Training. Nestled in a lush tropical, oasis this secluded refuge is close to the Hridaya Yoga Center of Mexico and the beautiful sandy beaches of Mazunte and San Agustinillo.

Your hosts Cristina Devi and Kalki, experienced teachers of Hridaya Yoga, Naam Yoga, traditional Tantra and
 alternative healing therapies have created s
pace for individuals and couples committed
personal development and conscious living so If you seek respite 
from the stress and pressures of these uncertain times and long for a more detached, relaxed and mindful approach to living your life then The Santosha Refuge may be the place for you.


We welcome international air travelers but please be aware that you will be staying in an environment with

multiple lodgings and shared areas that include other long term guests who have self-isolated. Therefore,

we ask that for the first 10 days of your stay you wear a mask, stay to yourself, maintain distance from other

residents, use the pool for short periods only when alone and refrain from entering the communal kitchen and yoga hall. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, we look forward to hosting you in a safe and harmonious way.

We follow a Covid protocol as defined by Airbnb and the City of Mazunte

that we are required to implement and ask that you adhere to.
Here are some of the rules that we have implemented:
- wearing a mask in the kitchen at all times
- sanitizing your hands when entering the property or when using the kitchen
- if you have a visitor: they must must follow the same protocol as you and stay in your private space. 

- visitors can not access the kitchen, yoga hall, use the pool or stay over night.
Rules are posted and sanitizing stations are setup throughout the property.

Read the Stay with Us page for more details.

“When you do things from your soul,
you feel a river moving in you,
a joy."
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